musical improvisation method

Chapter 4 – Skeleton: Rhythm, phrasing, density

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How to vary the rhythm of the melodic?

Chapter 4 shows how to vary the rhythm of the melodic cells seen in Chapters 1 and 3.

At the beginner level

  • using the concept of playing ahead of and behind the beat on whole, half and quarter notes.

At the intermediate level

  • in eighth notes, using one of the 7 rhythmic variations described in this Chapter. By first creating ½-measure, ¾-measure and then 1-measure phrases, starting a phrase on the 1st beat, 2nd beat and 3rd beat. Then by understanding how to create phrases of 2, 3 and 4 measures and make them breathe.


  • In 4.1 Ahead of the beat, behind the beat, subtraction and the 7 rhythmic variations in eighth notes
  • In 4.2 the notion of solo density is dealt with, giving examples of solos of low, medium and high density
  • In 4.3 we stress the importance of transcribing jazz solos to develop the ear and assimilate jazz phrasing
  • In 4.4 the 7 rhythmic variations in quarter notes used in most jazz songs and standards

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