musical improvisation method


Discover the musical improvisation method designed for the beginner and intermediate musicians playing all types of instruments (piano, guitar, saxophone…) and all types of music (jazz, classical, pop, rock, variety), all wishing to discover musical improvisation on chord charts.

Musical improvisation

A practical approach by Nicola Sergio

Coming from 20 years of experience with students, Nicola Sergio, pianist / arranger / composer, has designed the improvisation method specifically for the beginner and intermediate level with a practical and non-theoretical approach.

The object of this method is to present a set of step-by-step exercises allowing you to improvise on the piano, saxophone, guitar, etc., and to create your own music.

The book is intended for students / musicians wishing to improvise on any type of chord charts : jazz, pop, rock, popular music and classical.


The musical improvisation method by SOS IMPRO is available :

  • in book version or numeric version (PDF)
  • in French or English language
  • in complete version or in chapters

The advantages of SOS IMPRO method


Step by step musical improvisation method

A practical approach specifically designed for the beginner and intermediate level musicians


A single instruction / constraint for each exercise

To focus attention on one issue at a time


Applicable to all melodic instruments

…and all repertoires : jazz, pop, rock, popular music and classical

A dedicated YouTube channel

to access all the audios of the SOS IMPRO method