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The duo SOS Impro

The idea for this book came out of a discussion they had one day during which Nicola talked about his improvisation method.

Marc replied:

“I’ve read plenty of books on improvisation, I’ve tried to learn with different teachers, all to no avail. They’d just say: here’s the major scale and the blues scale, now improvise… If your composition and improvisation method works for me, it’ll work for everyone!”

Nicola Sergio

Nicola Sergio is an pianist/arranger/composer living in Paris. His previous albums have attracted keen interest from major French daily newspapers (Télérama, Libération, etc.) and international reviews. His music is broadcast on leading European jazz radio stations and on various playlists of the airline Air France. Since 2008, he has played at festivals, theaters and clubs in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Turkey and South Korea.

This method is the result of his passion for teaching and the experience gained over 20 years of exchanges with his students.

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Marc Dana

Marc Dana is a Chartered Accountant in Paris, where he runs his firm, and is passionate about music and Jazz.